Smart power solution

Portable Power Stations.

light weight backup battery power station for camping.

  1. Anti-crush solid aluminium case for outdoor

  2. 93600mAh/346Wh large capacity for outdoor use or camping.

  3. Multiple AC 220Vor 110V, DC 12V and USB 5V output for any charging less than 300W load power

  4. Built-in lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles, it is more stable and supports 1000 long span cycle times

  5. Multiple protection: short circuit protection, over-charge protection, over-heat protection, over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Charge for the lead acid battery. It means that when there is no grid power input, the grid that inverter needs is from battery. When there is grid power, the grid that inverter needs is from AC grid and at the same time the inverter will charge for the battery. When the grid power is cut off, the output will switch to battery automatically.

SMART power stations and inverters

Universal Socket Input 12V 1000W PV Power Inverter
380v 1500W Continuous Pure Sine Inverter Ac Car Power Inverter
6000W Surge PV Power Inverter 110v 220w Pure Sine Wave Intelligent Cooling
12v 220v 10000w Air Condition Inverter Single Output Intelligent Cooling
300W Portable Power Station
500W Portable Power Station

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