Smart Door lock

Made to suit your lifestyle.

  1. Know who comes in and goes : 24/7 Access logs available once your door lock is synced with the App.

  2. Create a schedule for your maid and house help : Pre schedule your trusted house helps’ entries, so they come in on their own. Has their schedule changed? Set a new schedule within a minute.

  3. Let in trusted relatives or friends when you’re away : No more Key’s. Enjoy sharing your personal space with your loved once, especially when you are away and need your home to be locked after

Unlock your door with your smartphone

  1. Create, modify or delete access. Anytime : The beauty of using an App with Door Lock is your ability to create access in emergencies or modify it if you change your plans or your mind.

  2. Schedule. Repeat : For the utmost convenience, you can pre schedule your entries and automate your life more than ever.

  3. Share responsibility when you need to : If you are not at home your loved ones can spontaneously enter your home within a few taps in the app. No key required.

  4. Invite one. Invite many.

Make your door intelligent.

5 ways to unlock convenience

                      Touchpad                               Physical Key                              Access Card                                  Fingerprint                            Mobile Access

SMART Appliance Controllers

Smart Bern Lock (Fingerprints & Passwords)
Smart Retina Lock (SE, Silver) (Fingerprint & Passwords)
R2 Bluetooth Door Lock
R1 Bluetooth Door Lock
Smart Salute Thermostat
R10 Bluetooth Door Lock
Smart Moonlight Door lock (NFC)
Smart Phoenix ZigBee Lock (NFC)

Wulian Smart Home App