Smart Appliance Control products

Smart Appliance Products

    Smart IR Transmitter      (side emitted) 

    Can link with multiple infrared devices to realize smart control Compact and delicate design, and easy to use Supports remote control/timing/linkage control/scenarios setting with in 45° controlling angle.

    Smart IR Transmitter      (full direction) 

    Controlling angle about 360°

    Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa

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    SmartRoom Scene Switch

    Supports to remotely control wall switches Can bind with local multiple devices, and set linkage Allowed to customize couple of scenarios Battery power supply

    SmartRoom Salute Scene Switch

    Wireless remote control of Smart Home products, for example, wall switches, etc. Can bind with local multiple devices, set linkage and create scenarios Can be installed on the wall Suitable for either installing or carrying

    Smart Socket 

    Smart control of electricity on and off Supports timing/ linkage control / scenario setting High-gloss texture, pure and flawless surface

    Smart Mobile Socket 

    Confirm to the UK standard; Support remote controlling the socket power, and get real-time data of power consumption

    Smart Breaker

    It applies to smart transform of electrical engineering in traditional industry

    Smart Dimmer Switch

    Supports bidirectional dimming Smart adjustment of light intensity, suitable for light sensitivity people to use Equipped with wireless LED, can be a guide at night

    Smart Thermostat

    Supports VRV central air conditioning control Supports Zigbee networking and APP remote control Used with smart VRV controller for single indoor unit