Smart Appliance control

Experience Smart Appliance control 

Now you can convert and control your appliances with techneed’s smart appliance control solutions. You don’t have to worry about the appliances such as refrigerator, oven, washing machine, iron, air conditioner, etc. You can control it via physically or remotely. You can have remote control, timing control and also you can control your home appliances using your smartphones or any other smart terminals.

Smart Appliance Control Features

Control With Alexa

Thanks to the Amazon Alexa integration, a simple ‘Hey Alexa, turn on the AC’ is all you’ll need. Things were never this simple!

Scheduled Scenes

Now you can schedule your home lightings, appliances, curtains as per your moods and needs. For example you can have morning mood, evening mood and scheduled sceneries fully automated with techneed’s scheduled scenes.

SMART Appliance Controllers

Smart Wall Socket-Outlet(UK Type)
Smart Wall Plug (UK type)
Smart IR Transmitter
Smart Salute Thermostat
Smart Circuit Breaker

Wulian Smart Home App