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Enhance what you love most about your Home with a seamless automation experience. Techneed brings you luxury and personalization to the tech novice and beyond.

Our Smart Home Solutions

Smart Lighting Control

We delivers wireless lighting solutions to any house transforming it to a true smart home.

Smart Appliance Control

you can convert and control your appliances with techneed’s smart appliance control solutions. 

Smart Home Security

Techneed shows you a new diversified home security pattern all the time to protect your home life security.

Smart Curtain Control

Complete kit to make your existing curtains smart. Works universally on the majority of common curtain rails.

Smart Door Lock

24/7 Access logs available once your door lock is synced with the App.

Smart Power

Techneed shows you the best power solutions for powering your home 24 hours.


Techneed shows you the best Agricultural sensor solutions to get the best harvest.

Our Other Solutions

Smart Security Camera Solutions

Protect your home & watch over what’s important from your phone with video doorbells, indoor & outdoor security cameras, alarm systems & more.
Surround your home with smart security and stop crime before it happens. Armed with built-in lights and Siren.

Digital Signage Solutions

We are the digital signage software experts. From total support to simple set up, Techneed digital signage System will help you improve the way you visually communicate. And improve your business.

Robotic Solutions

With AI voice interaction, KettyBot intelligently greets and interacts with passing through customers by waking up its screen. Such a cute and smart KettyBot would obviously draw more attention than the traditional approach.

Water Monitoring Solutions

We offers water monitoring all built in the app. Water monitoring devices help you saving hours on water runs. We offer pressure and ultrasonic sensors to monitor everything from troughs to dams. The sensors run on the same LoRa network as our GPS ear tags so no need for expensive 3G/4G plans. Get notified in the app when the water level is running low.



Techneed offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single, intuitive app.


Techneed delivers solutions for even the most unique homes, with controls for amenities such as pools, home theaters, and more.


When you’re entertaining outside, just tap your “Cocktail Hour” scene to stream a playlist to the patio and fade up your pool lights as day turns to night.


When life takes you to far off places, make sure everything at home is just right—and get notified if it isn’t.

Wulian Smart Home App

One Gateway for Multi-Users

One gateway is compatible for different users. The primary user can assign appropriate permissions to other users.

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